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Doctoral Transitions. The first in a series of PhD alumni events. March 24, 2012

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Image showing Doctoral Transition event

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Thursday night saw the launch of the first in a series of events attended by Queen Mary PhD alumni. Five Queen Mary alumni, all of whom had done PhDs and/or postdocs at Queen Mary, talked about their journey into a variety of roles beyond academia. See here for details.

The event was attended by almost 100 PhD students and postdoctoral researchers from the faculties of Science and Engineering and the School of Medicine and Dentistry. This was a great turnout and there were lots of interesting questions for the panelists.

All the alumni talked about their reasons for pursuing careers beyond academic research, how and when they made the decision to leave academia and how their current work differs from their PhD/postdoctoral work.

Some of the alumni talked about the ‘client facing’ nature of their current roles and how this required them to further develop their time management skills in order meet client deadlines. Many of the alumni advised current researchers to  become involved in a range of activities beyond their research to develop the ‘soft’ skills that will be invaluable in their future career….academic or not!

Image showing Doctoral Transitions event

Permission to publish

All attendees were given booklets containing the speakers’ profiles. These will soon be available in the alumni career profiles at the top of this blog.

The next event in May (date to be confirmed) is for Humanities and Social Science Researchers at Queen Mary. Check your emails and subscribe to this blog for details.



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