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The number of people with PhDs in an organisation March 9, 2012

Posted by qmresearchers in Labour Market Information, Resources.

From my experience, not many of the researchers that I meet use Linked In. This is a really useful business networking site that is being used increasingly by professionals across all sectors. One of the questions that I get asked is ‘What can I use it for?’ Well here is one use that I recently came across, which might be useful for PhDs.

As an indicator of whether your PhD will be ‘of value’ at a company, it might be useful to know how many people within an organisation have a PhD. These figures are available on Linked In.  Go to the company tab at the top of the home page, type in a company name and then click on ‘Check out insightful statistics about company x employees‘ (right-hand column).  I chose the think-tank, Chatham House, as think tanks often have a considerable number of people doing research within the company. The graph below shows you that of the 131 employees at Chatham House that are on Linked In, 8% of them have a PhD.  17% of employees at similar companies have PhDs. Of course the data will become increasingly meaningful as increasing numbers of people use Linked In.

If you are interested in knowing more about Linked In and how you can use it, there is a Linked In lab on 19th March, 1pm – 2pm in FB 1.23.

See the Careers Events Calendar for more information.



1. Jennifer - March 9, 2012

Hi there, this is really useful!

Also, just wanted to let you know that ‘Check out insightful statistics about employees’ is in the right-hand column, not the left.

Feel free to delete this comment if you wish.

qmresearchers - March 9, 2012

Thanks Jennifer. Also, thanks for pointing out the error! Tracy

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