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Career Options for PhD Students January 26, 2012

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The Postgraduate Research Experience Survey 2011 (PRES) asked 18,644 postgraduate students (mostly PhD students) from 83 institutions, about their experience of doing a postgraduate degree.

Individuals are asked a number of questions about issues related to supervisory support, whether they have had opportunities to develop research and transferable skills etc. Most of the feedback about their experience is very positive.

One negative area, which stands out, relates to encouragement to think about career options after the PhD.  The table below shows a table from PRES and illustrates that only 43.9% of PhD students felt encouraged to think about different career options.

This data is not surprising as many supervisors will not be aware of the range of careers open to PhD students. Many supervisors are experts in academic careers, as they have experience of this, but they are unlikely to know about the range of careers into which 50% of PhD students move. For more information about this see a publication by Vitae called ‘What do Researchers do?’

So, how do PhD stuents at Queen Mary access this type of support? Well, next Wednesday 2nd February at lunchtime (13.00 – 14.00) there will be the first in a range of introductory seminars. The first is called ‘Career Options for PhD Students’. It is being held in  G.O.Jones LG1, Mile End Campus and you don’t need to book. Just come along!

Other events and courses will follow so keep your eye firmly on the events calendar above.



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