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The Art and Science of Invention: Wednesday May 12th, 17.00 – 19.00, Bancroft Road Teaching Room 3.01 April 29, 2010

Posted by qmresearchers in Academic Careers.

I often speak to PhD students and postdoctoral researchers that want to progress in academia. Some doubt that they have the creativity required to think of their own research ideas.

If this is your concern, come along to the next ImpactQM Masterclass. The Masterclass will explore the nature and nurture of creativity with a particular emphasis on invention.

Tools and techniques will be described that can help nurture creative thinking leading to new inventions, and there will be lots of opportunity to practice some of these tools in small teams in the session. The master-class will also describe some aspects of the timing of new inventions and an extraordinary approach to invention pioneered many years ago in Russia that has recently gained worldwide interest.

The class will be given by Dr. Kevin Byron who has worked in both academia and industry and is now the Enterprise Education Co-ordinator at Queen Mary .

Click here for Kevin’s biography and more information about the MasterClass.

Click here for directions to venue.

To indicate your attendance, please email impactqm@eecs.qmul.ac.uk with the title of the masterclass.



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