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Medical Communications December 18, 2009

Posted by qmresearchers in Science Communication, Uncategorized.

I have recently spoken to several people wanting to move from laboratory-based science into Medical Communications. This is a growing industry and there are many senior medical writer jobs advertised.

I have heard that it is unlikely that a Medical Communications Company would want to pay a recruitment company to find them an inexperienced hire such as a PhD or post-doctoral Scientist.  So, other than apply through recruitment agencies, what do you need to do to increase your chances of getting a job in this area?

Consider the three tips below:

1) Network with people from Medical Communications e.g. attend the NetworkPharma events run at Oxford University.

2) Gain some additional writing experience. Many of the academic societies produce a publication for their members and the editors will be happy to consider contributions. Try  Genetics Society News or Physiology News, for example.

3) Submit a speculative letter and CV to some of the companies that you have thoroughly researched! Remember that the CV and letter should be perfect so do book an appointment with me for a CV check and have several people check it for grammar and typos!

For lots of tips on moving into this field have a look at this website from NetworkPharma.



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